Kinoko General Enterprises Ltd is wholly Tanzanian owned and registered company that boosts of 15 years of experience in Refractory Installations and supply of labour, raw materials, mechanical spares and allied products. We pride ourselves in being the most preferred service provider in the Southern and Eastern Africa region, in countries such as Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia and DRC. Our areas of specialty include and is not limited to the following.


We provide specialized and casual labour in the following disciplines.

Mechanical Engineering.

  • Contract Engineers
  • Boiler makers
  • Fitter and Turners
  • General labour (Including assistants)

Electrical Engineering

  • Contract Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Instrumentation Technicians
  • General labour (Including Assistants)

General Cleaning Services

  • Offices
  • Grounds


We are specialists in Global supply chain management including sourcing and delivery of mining and manufacturing equipment, spares and accessories from all over the world. Our specialty and key competencies include;

Mining Equipment

  • All tyre sizes
  • Crushers spares
  • Boiler spares (eg. Valves, High pressures hoses)
  • Electrical and Mechanical spares
  • Pumps

Refractory material

  • High Alumina Castable
  • Brick Mortar
  • Bricks

We have an experienced supply chain management team that boosts of a combined 20 years of experience in sourcing and delivery of manufacturing and mining equipment and critical spares from around the world from reputable manufacturers some of whom you might be aware of.

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