SINCE 2002

The company, Kinoko General Enterprises Limited (KGEL), is a fully incorporated limited  liability company with a certificate of incorporation No. 46984 dated 23rd September  2003. The core objective of the company is to provide refractory installation and allied  services to mining and mineral processing industries.

KGEL, for proximity and other reasons, began to offer refractory maintenance services to the Heidelberg Cement Group, Tanzania Portland Cement Company in 2004. The factory is located at Wazo Hill some 20km away in the north of the City of Dar es Salaam. KGEL offices and its training centre are both strategically located at Tegeta Kibaoni off Old Bagamoyo Road about 3km away from the entrance gate of the Twiga cement factory.

KGEL is a legal entity with a team of skilled, experienced and professionally qualified workforce each of whom is specialized in a particular discipline such as cement  production (operations and processes), engineering, safety, health, environment, market promotion, advertising, sales, finance and administration.

KGEL offers a list of technical services for clients to choose from, depending on their  specific needs. This includes: Refractory installation works; Brick Demolition; Silo Cleaning Services; Installation of Refractory Castable, Refractory Ceramic Fibre,  Refractory Rammed Products, Refractory Shortcreted Products; Kiln & Furnace Startup and Commissioning; and Casual Labour Management. 

Further to the above, KGEL provides mechanical engineering services in support of cement production processes. These include: – Workshop Production Services (e.g.  welding, fabrication and metal machining); Maintenance of Material handling (e.g. air  slide conveyors, belt conveyors and drag-chain conveyors); Specialized Kiln & Mill Maintenance Services; Plant Inspection & Problem Solving; Prototyping, Testing &  Batch Production Services.

KGEL has successfully been providing refractory brick re-lining and silo cleaning services  for more than 14 years. The company acquired valuable international joint venture  experience with Dickinson Group of Companies Ltd from South Africa during the period  February 2014 – February 2015. 

There is no limit to the markets and services but only what the market will reasonably demand from KGEL which has capability and capacity. To say it all, Kinoko General Enterprises Ltd, is a Refractory Installation and Silo Cleaning Specialist.


To be a leading company in refractory installation and allied services in Africa.


To deliver quality refractory installation and maintenance works services efficiently, timely and cost effectively using experienced personnel and state of the art technology while being mindful  of safety and clean environment.


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Responsiveness
  • Safety, Health & and Clean Environment
  • Time Compliance
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Team Work
  • Commitment


  • To secure & maintain markets in refractory allied works.
  • To upgrade skills of manpower to cope with technology changes.
  • To update technology changes.
  • To adhere to health, safety and environments requirements.
  • To mobilize adequate resources for capacity building.
  • To deal in marketing and promotional services.
  • To ensure professionalism in mechanical and maintenance services.
  • To ensure professional brick lining and silo cleaning services.


The strengths of the company to handle turnkey projects and deliver quality, timely and without catastrophy output, lies in long term investment, innovative skilled and experienced labour, modern tools, machinery and equipment, and above all the growing working capital and healthy financing side of the company’s balance sheet.

Experience Team Members

Juma ngagas

Refractory installer

Silvester L. Ngwembe

Senior Supervisor

Vicent I. Chuwa

Works Manager

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