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Training Programmes
Since 2005 the company has an in-service Training centre where it conducts basic training in refractory installation for fresh school leavers and those who aspiring to become refractory installer. the KGEL training centre is the only place in East Africa outside the cement factory where people can come and training in refractory installation. The training centre experienced competent trainers who train in theory and practice and at the end of training program trainees are offered with certificates of perfomance.

For boiler makers and carpenters the company relies upon other traditional sources of training such as VETA – registered venues in Tanzania. The company has plans to open a mechanical workshop at the KGEL site for training and production as soon as possible. The company’s in-service Training Centre has been instrumental in training KGEL refractory installer beyond basic level.

Consequently hardworking refractory installer have raised their refractory skills from basic level. KGEL training is aimed at raising the level of competence of the KGEL workforce so as to promptly and adequately respond to the needs of clients at short notice. The level of KGEL competences is such as to be able to serve three clients at the same time.
KGEL vast experience in refractory installation work owes much to the basic training 

uring 2003 – 2005 period at it’s in – service training centre. It was supplemented by on-site practical exposure while performing real project work three to four times per year. The basic training is open to those who successfully satisfy the trainers to continue with the training. 

Training Outcomes
The KGEL human resources (workforce) plan entails three main trade categories: refractory installers, fitter-mechanics & fitter – welders the grading of which consists essentially of highly skilled Grade A – holders, Grade B, Grade C – holders. The rest is in the trainee Grade D – holders’ category. KGEL will continue to train fresh young entrants who will eventually fit into our workforce by virtue of implementing sustainable training and success – plans. 

Those who successfully complete basic in-service training can proceed with further training leading to Grade B and later on Grade A. The latter is considered to be advanced training for those who deserve the same. Grades are being awarded to those excelling in their training including appointment to the position of foreman and supervisor. The latter positions are also subject to consideration of age and other important attributes.

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